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Alain Eigenmann


Our Chef executive Mr Alain Eigenmann is very  excited to take the lead of The kitchen and bring the taste of Paris to our community. Born in Alsace France, Mr Eigenmann started cooking at the very young age of 13 at his mother’s kitchen fallowed by a rigorous four years of culinary school

apprenticeship. Graduated ,Alain started to work with  well known chefs from some of the major regions of France, some of them were “Michelin star rated.”

At age of 23, our executive  chef came to America  to master his skills. Alain has previously opened and owned French  Restaurants in New York  city, Westwood New Jersey. Piermont  and Nyack.

 He also has been reviewed by the New York Times, New York  Post, and many  other  local  news and magazines for his expertise.

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